Thank you for spendig some time to browse and check our company. We are an oline company based in Australia and we specialized in the green eco-friendly DIY products. . We do our best by making sure that we promote in our own little way some green advocacy in our business practices. Like using recycled materials in packaging and promoting products that utilizes LED lightig to promote energy efficiency. We want to promote sustainable practices through our Blogs and feature monthly videos. So please subscribe in our email list and get Quarterly newsletter and be a memeber of our global green  warriors community.


From there, I became interested in recycling and other ways of minimizing our household waste. I started this site to share some of my green living tips and weekend project videos on repurposing and recycling everyday waste materials.

This site will also offer the different equipment and tools you will need for your weekend projects. Or, if you're not that much into DIY, some of the projects that I have completed, like solar garden lanterns and water fountains, are up for sale. Please feel free to look around!